Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dressing up in Mama's Shoes

"Ahhh, look how cute she looks."
"Careful honey, when you walk."
"Karla just adores wearing my shoes. I can't keep her out of them."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Double D

The Double D refers to Dumb Donald from Fat Albert.
In my memory, Mushmouth was the kid with the hat pulled over his face, and every time I would see a building with its roof pulled down past a story or two, I would grumble, “Mushmouth!” Turns out, I’ve been mis-muttering all these years.

Grow Ray

Every once in awhile—more frequently lately—I’ve run across houses that are oddly large. It’s not that they are enormous, but rather out-of-porportion big, like they have been zapped by a grow ray. This is a good example.


Even the earth and sky agree.

The Crazy Quilt

It took her all year, but she managed to piece together three generations of Schlatsky’s.

The Sleepy Eyelid

“I’m soooooo tired.” *yawn* “Sorry, but I haven’t had my coffee yet.” *sigh* “And I don’t do mornings.”